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For Fuel Station Owners/Managers/Representatives Only

Instructions for completing the invoice to order the fuel dispenser security stickers.

You are accessing this section because your business operates retail petroleum fuel measuring devices a.k.a. fuel pumps, which dispense petroleum fuels or other types of fuels to motor vehicles and are regulated under County of Summit Codified Ordinance Chapter 780 (Ordinance #2016-272, Fuel Pump Security). Under Chapter 780, all businesses located in Summit County that pump petroleum or other types of fuels into motor vehicles are required to affix to or install onto the retail fuel measuring device a functioning, unaltered and undamaged security measure to restrict the unauthorized access of customer payment card information. One of the approved measures is the affixing of tamper-proof security stickers.

The placement of pressure-sensitive security tape issued by the Office and bearing the Office’s name and logo over the panel opening that leads to the scanning device hardware of the retail petroleum fuel measuring device {i.e. gas pump}. The pressure-sensitive security tape must be placed in a manner that will restrict the unauthorized opening of the panel as well as inform consumers of the unauthorized opening of the panel if the seal has been broken or tampered with.

The Office of Consumer Affairs will aid in the reordering of the security stickers by allowing the fuel dispensing stations by having the sticker order form on its website. Please click on the sticker order form box to the right of these instructions.

Please fill out all of the information required that is in the order form. Please make check out to: County of Summit. Then please include the completed order form with your check and mail to:

Office of Consumer Affairs
175 S. Main Street
Suite 209
Akron, OH 44308

If you have any questions, please call our office at (330) 643-2879. Thank you.

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